Second edition in the works…

It’s been three years, and I’m down to a couple dozen copies of Tamaishi. It’s been two years since I did any in person events, but I sold a fair number of books recent weeks. I started considering a reprint.

Live and Learn

Looking back at the book, it’s clear there is room for improvement. I still love Tamaishi and its core story and characters, but I learned a lot from Where All the Little Things Live, from the illustrations, to the typesetting and words.

So rather than just hit go, I’m revising everything for the second edition.

Revise, not redo

This is not a complete overhaul. I’m looking at it with fresh, critical and constructive eyes. I’ve already revised some passages to be more show and less tell. It’s remarkable how much I didn’t see back then. Meanwhile, I’ve been updating some of the line work and spot channel colors and it adds more depth and subtlety to the illustrations.

It’s about process

It’s true I could move on and write another book. I still want to do that, but both Tamaishi and Zōsan were all part of the broader, slower process: each one helped me learn something new about writing, illustrating, layout, and recording/producing. Indeed, I don’t think I could have finished Where All the Little Things Live, a book and audiobook twice the size of Tamaishi, without these other two books as incremental steps. Looking back at it, it all makes sense.

And at the time, I rushed through some things, in part because I wasn’t exactly sure how to realize what I wanted, but also because I just wanted to finish it. Both books were an exhausting undertaking, and it was an achievement to have gotten it done in the first place.

I see this as just one more step, and I don’t see this kind of f revision as unprecedented. Think of it as a “director’s cut”.

Looking forward to sharing this with everyone when it’s ready. I plan on being close to press by early 2022. Stay tuned!


First classroom reading. Contemplating more. I can fold origami with older kids, talk about the process of artwork, and play portions of the audiobook.

It was a little scary at first but the kids listen more intently than I first thought they would. And they loved to talk about what they like to draw or what they like to write.

My last job — 12 years ago almost — was one that I cherished. I saw the lives of kids transformed by writing and art. It was very fulfilling. This small 20 minutes tapped back into that.

I have always been pretty clear about my vision for doing this: it’s legacy, lessons for my boys encoded in an artifact for them to keep. It’s messages of hope and inspiration for them and anyone who reads them. Stories of curiosity and wonder, and a reminder that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. I saw that light in these kids’ eyes as they listened and laughed.

Show and Tell

I recently found out that a young reader of Tamaishi took the book to school for show and tell.

To me, there is no greater thrill: that someone loved my book so that she would bring it to school to show it to everyone, to proclaim she knows the author, is an honor beyond any other prize I could receive.

I know that I do not write to everyone; but I also know that who I am writing for is out there and perhaps unbeknownst to me. They are out there and I hope to find them: the imaginative, playful kid; the inner child of an adult who never really grew up. I’m so very happy to have found one.

I don’t receive a lot feedback about my books. I do so appreciate every bit that finds its way to me. The fact that many came back to support my sophomore effort is not lost on me. But I can’t outdo this anecdote. I wouldn’t assume this has happened often. But what a special thing it is.

Upcoming Events

Indie Reads TV: Episode 20!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I’ll be taping an interview with Diana Kathryn Plopa, talking about Tamaishi, and the follow up book, Where All the Little Things Live.


Buy Michigan Now Festival

Sunday, August 4, 2019
10a – 1:30p

I’ll be part of the Michigan Author tent sponsored by LivnFresh


Christmas in Clawson

Saturday, November 9, 2019
All Day
Clawson High School

For the third year running, I’ll be participating in the Christmas in Clawson craft show. This is an awesome event. Kid friendly, tons of crafts and things for the holidays!

Books & Authors @ Leon & Lulu

Sunday, March 24, 2019

10a – 5p

Leon & Lulu
96 W. 14 Mile, Clawson, MI 48017


Brighton District Library Local Author Fair

Sunday April 14, 2019

2p – 4p

Brighton District Library

100 Library Drive, Brighton, MI 48116

Audiobook version 2.1052019

I’ve made a new burn of the audiobook. Listening to it in the car, the audio was too low on Lost. The impact of the music was … well, lost… so I raised the levels and it still doesn’t overpower the narrator. I did a similar thing with Perfect is Not back in December.

If you are interested in this new version, contact me (me at iantm dot com) and I can setup a download for you.


Listen to this sampler of the Tamaishi audiobook, then head over to my book site to purchase: Select “Tamaishi Audiobook CD” if you want the MP3 CD, or just use the “Tamaishi (Download only) to grab the whole thing in a .zip file).

All files are ©2018 Ian Tadashi Moore, all DRM Free. Please support independent artists like myself; don’t share the files!


Save the Date: October 28 and November 10, 2018

Come out to two upcoming events for the official launch of my new book, Tamaishi!

Sunday, October 28 
Leon and Lulu Books and Author Fair,
96 w. 14 Mile Clawson, MI 48017

Leon and Lulu is Metro Detroit’s Award winning lifestyle retail store. Come check out Tamaishi and other in this wonderful former skating rink!

Saturday, November 10
Christmas in Clawson
Clawson High School
101 John M Ave, Clawson, MI  48017

Christmas in Clawson is a huge crafters fair in the high school. With over 160 artists, food,  raffles and baked goods! I’ll have books, prints and more!