More review!

Recently, I submitted chapters 6 to 9 of Tamaishi to my local peer group for review. I had pushed it off for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t so sure if the latter chapter was ready. But a few days ago my warm  up write started the flow and with Radiohead on repeat I pull off what I felt was a tremendous edit. Words flew off the page, with newer shiny ones in their place. There was much slicing and dicing.

My peers have been extremely helpful with their insights. One poet in the group paid attention to the meter of some of the small verse I’ve been using and had some wonderful suggestions. Others focused on some of the word choices, while others paid closer attention to the dialog and storyline.

One of the best parts of this group is that I’m exposed to types of writing that I probably would never pursue on my own. It’s particularly useful for me to compose a worthwhile critique and edit of these sorts of things, as they are an exercise in removing my bias and approaching every bit as objectively as possible.

I’m looking forward to hear what they have to say!

Meanwhile, I continue to go in phases of editing, drawing, and putting it to rest and I find the latter makes the former go more smoothly. I used to think that relentlessly hammering on this thing would be the way to go, but it turns out that brought on more fatigue. Instead, I try and write something else. Draw something else. Then come back to it. A lot of times those other things are seem superfluous (I took a suggestion to write about writers block to heart) but that really can get the flow moving.