Grass pantomime

I decided a while ago that there was one thing in the valley where the little things live that wouldn’t have a speaking role : the grass. I thought that it might be overwhelming if they all could speak, but more importantly I found it much more interesting to have them communicate non verbally. The grass have faces and expressions and so they behave more like a bunch of mimes.
I did, however, choose to give some plants a voice. The flowers I introduce can talk, which in a book about a talking anthropomorphic rock shouldn’t be any more far fetched than a blade of grass that can’t.

It’s fun to describe the scenes where the grass interact with Tama, how they get his attention and have to play charades. One challenge I am finding is how to address them when they are doing anything. Do I call them blades of grass? I usually default to talking about a group of them and so I can refer to them as simply “the grass” but that can get tiresome.

Even so, these scenes are some of my favorites. There are grasses of every persuasion: tall, short, small, curly, and they are all quite friendly and helpful to Tama along the way.

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