Reading out loud

I stepped into the recording booth this weekend to do some initial work on the audiobook. It never fails to reveal some if the less obvious awkward sentences. There something about reading it in that contex – I read the words all the time in my head, and out loud while writing, but having the microphone in front of you is like a flashlight in the dark. All the little tiny little stumbles are clues that maybe it’s isn’t the best way to phrase the sentence. 

So it begins.  I made some. Edits as I write, and found that maybe the chapter wasn’t quite as clear as I thought. It’s almost as if I become a brand new reader, outside of myself, able to completely detach and see it for what it is. 

Even more exciting, however, is that I’m stepping  into the process of shaping the whole audiobook experience. I have to find the characters and how they speak. I get to try different voices and personalities. And as it goes I begin to form how well. The dialog flows and how he music might weave in with the whole experience.