The Characters of Tamaishi : Grass

There are lots of creatures that talk in the valley — wildflowers, enoki mushrooms, even the leaves. But early on I decided that the grass was not one of them.

The reason was because it was more interesting to make them mute, and have them express themselves through actions rather than words. It made their interactions with Tama much more interesting — and sometimes unclear. But I loved how it creates the mental image of the blades of grass all pantomiming their intentions to everyone, with funny expressions and gestures.

they are everywhere in the valley, and they are helpful and playful. As a collective they have some broader knowledge about what’s going on in the valley

Throughout the story we hear Tama referring to many of them by name.   That was a suggestion by my editor.  I can hear some asking “how does anyone know their names if they can’t talk?”

…if you’ve ever watched a little kid play with their stuffed animals, then you already know.