Chapter One: Morn’time

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Out in the the valley where all the little things live, where the wind is swift and talkative, the number one thing to do in the _morn’time_ is to wake up before the light so you can maybe still see the moon.

In the {morn’time} everything is bathed in a sparkling purple-blue. The stars disappear and the clouds become cherry pink. Flowers stretch their petals and the grasses wake up shaking off the dew.

In the morn’time it’s fun to spin round until you’re dizzy, singing a song or two:

Wake up! sing! Day begins!
Good morning sun and goodbye moon
The day cannot begin too soon
Find all your friends, ask how they’ve been 

Why, this is how every morn’time begins, don’t you know? Ah… but you haven’t met Tama yet.

Tama is a rock, who mingles among the grass with all the creatures busy and buzzing. There are shiny rocks and flat ones, round ones and speckled ones. Some have sides you can count. Some are smooth and some are sharp. And they come in all manner of sizes.

Tama is tiny, and all round. (You might call him a pebble). He rolls about during the day, finding friends to talk and play. Whenever there’s a hill he just has to find the top so he can roll down to the bottom like a rush of wind.

He waits for the stars to peek out at night. He especially loves when the moon is like a rock in the sky that makes all the clouds shine. And at night, he snuggles up with a leaf to sleep.

“Good morning, Enoki!” said Tama. The Enoki mushroom family all turned together to see him. One of the taller mushrooms in front turned to greet him. They all smiled at the same time.

“What are you going to play today?” They all said at once.

“I’m going to try to fly again!” Shouted Tama. He looked over at the grass—Chione and Percival. They nodded and smiled.

“What fun!” Said Enoki.

Tama rolled over to another blade of grass and she tilted down to let Tama climb on her back.

“Here we go, Genevieve!” She flung him high up in the air. Percival was ready, and caught Tama in mid air. He twisted himself so Tama could roll down the spiral to the ground.

Then Percival tossed Tama to Chione, who launched him to Genevieve who catapulted him back to Percival. Round and round they went, all the other creatures around them going about their business while Tama laughed and cheered.