Why not digital printing?

Why print this way?

The answer is twofold:

    1. Digital printing has its advantages, but it’s always going to be toner fused to the surface of the paper, rather than ink within the paper… and that just doesn’t look or feel as good. It’s not as archival. So sure, it may be cheaper, but it can sometimes stick the pages together over time! I’m not knocking digital, it has it’s place, and it’s just not what I want.
    2. While there are cheaper offset printing options than I’ve ever seen before out there, they get those costs by outsourcing them overseas. That has its advantages, but I prefer to work with the people directly. I met the artists who run the presses for Zōsan, and they put their hearts and souls into every proof and print. And they’re here in the US. That means something to me. The quality of their work is impeccable.