The Characters of Tamaishi : the Dandelions

The dandelions were an idea early on in the book. Right from the start I knew that Tama was run into them, but it wasn’t until much later that I started to craft their personalities better. It also took me some study to really incorporate a more realistic lion face onto a flower. But at some point I found it — bushy manes, long hippie beards and more human eyes again for a more friendly appearance. Their leaves didn’t just sit near the ground, but instead formed arms. And there are three different “hairstyles” — the male bushy mane, the shorter hair for the females, and the younger ones with their more puffy look.

These were some of the more time-intensive to draw, with their many many petals. The final drawing had over twenty of them, but it  was worth it — the field of dandelions is one my favorites.