Endsheets Complete!


It was both a blessing and curse to find out that Procreate keeps track of how long I’ve been working on illustrations. I average about 8 hours on the larger ones. Endsheet #2 took over 12 hours. That’s real time, pen in hand.

These days, I don’t have hours at a time to really work, so I’ve been making the time. 10 minutes here. 30 minutes there. It works because I get tired out when it comes to adding the tonality — I start rushing and it shows. It’s better that I work in smaller stints an take a break.

Two Color

These illustrations will be printed letterpress 12″ x 8″ in 2-color, for a limited run. 5 casebound books will have them, and the rest I’ll keep for later.  They’ve ended up being two of my favorites — demonstrating an evolution of all the best parts of the other works.