Show and Tell

I recently found out that a young reader of Tamaishi took the book to school for show and tell.

To me, there is no greater thrill: that someone loved my book so that she would bring it to school to show it to everyone, to proclaim she knows the author, is an honor beyond any other prize I could receive.

I know that I do not write to everyone; but I also know that who I am writing for is out there and perhaps unbeknownst to me. They are out there and I hope to find them: the imaginative, playful kid; the inner child of an adult who never really grew up. I’m so very happy to have found one.

I don’t receive a lot feedback about my books. I do so appreciate every bit that finds its way to me. The fact that many came back to support my sophomore effort is not lost on me. But I can’t outdo this anecdote. I wouldn’t assume this has happened often. But what a special thing it is.