Second edition in the works…

It’s been three years, and I’m down to a couple dozen copies of Tamaishi. It’s been two years since I did any in person events, but I sold a fair number of books recent weeks. I started considering a reprint.

Live and Learn

Looking back at the book, it’s clear there is room for improvement. I still love Tamaishi and its core story and characters, but I learned a lot from Where All the Little Things Live, from the illustrations, to the typesetting and words.

So rather than just hit go, I’m revising everything for the second edition.

Revise, not redo

This is not a complete overhaul. I’m looking at it with fresh, critical and constructive eyes. I’ve already revised some passages to be more show and less tell. It’s remarkable how much I didn’t see back then. Meanwhile, I’ve been updating some of the line work and spot channel colors and it adds more depth and subtlety to the illustrations.

It’s about process

It’s true I could move on and write another book. I still want to do that, but both Tamaishi and Zōsan were all part of the broader, slower process: each one helped me learn something new about writing, illustrating, layout, and recording/producing. Indeed, I don’t think I could have finished Where All the Little Things Live, a book and audiobook twice the size of Tamaishi, without these other two books as incremental steps. Looking back at it, it all makes sense.

And at the time, I rushed through some things, in part because I wasn’t exactly sure how to realize what I wanted, but also because I just wanted to finish it. Both books were an exhausting undertaking, and it was an achievement to have gotten it done in the first place.

I see this as just one more step, and I don’t see this kind of f revision as unprecedented. Think of it as a “director’s cut”.

Looking forward to sharing this with everyone when it’s ready. I plan on being close to press by early 2022. Stay tuned!