Show and Tell

I recently found out that a young reader of Tamaishi took the book to school for show and tell.

To me, there is no greater thrill: that someone loved my book so that she would bring it to school to show it to everyone, to proclaim she knows the author, is an honor beyond any other prize I could receive.

I know that I do not write to everyone; but I also know that who I am writing for is out there and perhaps unbeknownst to me. They are out there and I hope to find them: the imaginative, playful kid; the inner child of an adult who never really grew up. I’m so very happy to have found one.

I don’t receive a lot feedback about my books. I do so appreciate every bit that finds its way to me. The fact that many came back to support my sophomore effort is not lost on me. But I can’t outdo this anecdote. I wouldn’t assume this has happened often. But what a special thing it is.

Audiobook version 2.1052019

I’ve made a new burn of the audiobook. Listening to it in the car, the audio was too low on Lost. The impact of the music was … well, lost… so I raised the levels and it still doesn’t overpower the narrator. I did a similar thing with Perfect is Not back in December.

If you are interested in this new version, contact me (me at iantm dot com) and I can setup a download for you.


Listen to this sampler of the Tamaishi audiobook, then head over to my book site to purchase: Select “Tamaishi Audiobook CD” if you want the MP3 CD, or just use the “Tamaishi (Download only) to grab the whole thing in a .zip file).

All files are ©2018 Ian Tadashi Moore, all DRM Free. Please support independent artists like myself; don’t share the files!


Tamaishi Sampler!

At long last, all eleven chapters are laid out, which means I can put forth a sampler of the audiobook. It’s not done yet, but at this point I am tweaking levels and panning and timing over the rest of September.

The smell of fresh print…

I can’t really believe I’m holding the book in my hands. It’s been such a wait, the last two weeks palpable.

I still have some tweaks to make to the audiobook — some music to add, some b-roll voices to insert — but it is all well on its way towards completion. My printer got me these advance copies for the Kerrytown Bookfest happening this weekend.

It’s such mixed feeling — I’m exhausted and glad it’s done; but I didn’t really want it to be over. After I finish the audiobook and the endsheet paintings I’ll be moving to finish my late cousin’s novel, and dreaming up the companion novella for Tamaishi, about Naio, the feather. 

Tamaishi at the Kerrytown Bookfest, Sunday, September 9th!

I am pleased to be a part of the SCBWI-MI’s table at the Kerrytown bookfest Saturday, September 9, from 9:30-5. I’ll be at the table from 9:30-12:30.

I’ll be sharing the table with many other talented local Michigan authors and illustrators.

  • Gin Price
  • Wendy BooydeGraaff
  • Heather Meloche
  • Shayma Mustafa
  • Leslie Helakoski
  • Minnie Roberts
  • Elizabeth Weigandt
  • Chris Africa
  • Nancy Shaw
  • Kathryn Madeline Allen
  • Kathleen Vincenz
  • Jeff Jantz
  • Maria Dismondy
  • Nick Adkins
  • Cheri L Hallwood
  • Kevin Dangoor
  • Shutta Crum
  • Patrick Flores-Scott
  • Kristin Lenz
  • Patti (and Gene) Richards
  • Jean Alicia Elster
  • Bobbie Tallon
  • Fatma Anwer Al Lawati
  • Jodi McKay


I will eventually hit a point where I feel I’ve done enough, but I did this with Zōsan as well. Every time I read the text, I find ways to improve it. Every time I go off and read something new (I’ve been diving into a few chapters of Neil Gaiman over the past few weeks) I see my writing a little differently.

I’ll get to the point where I like even more, and by then it’ll be high time to send it off to printing. I went through the same thing with the illustrations over the past weeks. They are much better for it. But there is a point where I have to let it go.

Not much longer.